TIVI GROUP Ltd works every day, on improving the service of its customers to provide quality products in short deliveru time on competitive prices.
  Our main priority is the high quality of the products, to ensure that it meets all requirements of the European standard and all requirements of the customers we take the following actions:
  • we provide a Quality certificate for each product in our range;
  • we do not deliver goods from companies operating without integrated Quality Management System;
  Every customer chooses TIVI GROUP Ltd as a supplier can rely on fast and expeditive delieveries.
Our experience shows thta most of the customers are dependant on time of the delivery, that`s why we strive to process all incumming queries as quck as possible.
  Defining the market price is a process which depends from many economic factors.
The pricing polocy of TIVI GROUP Ltd is to quote attravtive prices to its customers in  line with matket trends and their individual requirements.
  Since TIVI GROUP Ltd works with customets with different activities, we are committed to meet all their requirements.
We work individually with every single customer, strive to cover all his requirements and adapt to the way of his work.
We contact with companies with wordwide history and we are able to solve all technical problems related with the products that we quote and sell.
TIVI GROUP Ltd accepts only orders which can complete in quoted terms of delivery.



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The Company is official distributor of:
TIMKEN (USA), NTN-SNR (Japan-France),
ZVL (Slovakia), FKL (Serbia), CRAFT Bearings (Lithuania),
LOCTITE (Germany), KLINGSPOR (Germany),


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